I just want you to tell Brandy what you told me.

When did she leave the classroom?

To believe that an unexpected big fortune will come your way is to build a castle in Spain.

Gela said that Father went into the city.

Man approaches the unattainable truth through a succession of errors.

She wrapped her baby in a blanket.

He is terribly funny.

I've been invited there, too.

I spent my time strolling about the streets.

Can you remember anything at all about that?

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The guy on whom I have a crush doesn't know I like him.

Noodles are usually made from wheat.

Everyone was listening very carefully.

A fortune teller once told Christopher Columbus that he would become a famous man. Columbus, in turn, got angry and demanded his money back - claiming that even a child could state something so obvious.

Don't come to work too late!

I tried to solve the problem, but I couldn't.

Let's take them with us.

We just got here yesterday.

The methodology used in his study is also helpful to us in conducting our research.

I always leave the window open while I sleep.

Damn, she's HOT!

I don't very often read novels.

The farmer heard the loud barks and jumped out of bed. Taking his gun, he leaped to the window and shouted: "What's the matter?"

No one has the right to be so cruel.

Please don't use French.

You have been a great mentor to me.

We hope to reach the summit before it gets dark.

There's something important I need to tell him.

You should clean your dirty room.

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I hope you and Marvin will come over for dinner sometime soon.


Ravindran didn't expect Leonard to finish her homework so quickly.

This hall was full of people.

His charade attracted negative attention.


He hasn't answered my letter yet.

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They declined to publish my book.

He hasn't come home since he left last week.

You shouldn't make fun of me.

Don't dislike what you don't understand.

These aren't fish.

I worked far into the night.

The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.

Don goes to Bible study on Sunday mornings.

We won't be in Boston until next Monday.


I don't work for him.

The reporters were hunting for news.

Ask Becky what we should do next.


The king had clearly overstepped his constitutional role.


They called us.

You can study here.

We just cleaned the restroom.

Johnny didn't like the idea.

What time did you leave your house this morning?

He checked the plane for possible damages.

I was tempted to go swimming even though the lifeguard was not yet on duty.

All the students are present.

I passed every single test.

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I thought Reinhard would plant the tulips near the oak tree.

I'm such a fool.

They watched me in silence.

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We're going to win.

You only have to work hard.

Suwandi fainted on the school playground.

Jagath was astonished by what he saw.

Leo isn't a member of our club.

I have other business.

I suggest we leave before the guards see us.

Tricia helped Danny on the bus, and then got on himself.

The witch cast a spell and a beam of light shot out of her wand.

Are you sure everyone's already asleep?

"If it's bitter, I don't want it." "Drink it!" "I don't like anything bitter."

Phillip left half an hour ago.

I can't forgive her.

The truck collided with the car.

Roxane has been waiting for Clare to come home.

You have to choose.

Your ad could be here.

Alexander is probably not very hungry right now.

The people have spoken.

Did Ernest give you any other advice?

And then Sheila leaned over and said something in Laurie's ear.

How did Sandeep survive?

Mahesh has three sons, I believe.

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Many young people are out of work in the country.

Nicholas and I went to a piano recital.

at least, can i hug you?

I paid 30 dollars for that.

He's in the hospital right now.

Already two weeks went by and I have not seen you.

Get him something to drink.

I got a glimpse of the wrestler as he hurriedly left the gymnasium.

There's absolutely no chance that Sedovic will be there.

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Ravindranath couldn't get the job he wanted.


When will it be convenient for you?


Do you by any chance have some aspirin?

She stood silent, her head slightly to one side.

We're all looking forward to it.

We'll have to make do with what we have.

This service is temporarily out of order.

We played and laughed.

He is proud of his family.

I helped her clear the table.

Brainwashing works!

I love going to the movies.

You could talk to him.

Maybe Roxane saw something.

Let's hope Pitawas can do that.


I had no idea you knew how to play the trombone.


Can you lend me 10,000 yen?

Anton stepped aside to allow Tim to pass.

The colors of the sea and the sky blend into each other.

You really have to go now.

You should write home once a month.

Just 21 months after his landslide re-election, Richard Milhous Nixon - in a drama unparalleled in U.S. history - was forced to resign as President.

Antony is playing with his wooden toys.

I said sorry, didn't I?

What do you want to watch tonight?

We shouldn't do this.

Pinochet applied a military dictatorship.


I have lived a life of a puppet of fortune.

What purpose does this serve?

Only one other president had ever been impeached.

Mr Hashimoto started the engine.

This show needs to come back.

She was looking miserable sitting in the middle of this snowstorm, so I threw a small coin at her.

I still don't know, even now.

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Dani is cleverer than me.

You should apologize to her for having been rude to her.

Bernard certainly should have kept his promise.


Dan didn't even use a hammer to fix the chair.

It is necessary that he prepare for the worst.

Tell Ofer not to buy it if it costs more than three hundred dollars.

Are you expecting them?

What do you think Jason told Ima?


Surya checked his odometer to see how far he'd driven.

Don't thank me. Thank Kurt.

Some attention should be paid to word order, gender and declension.

For circumstantial evidence, that's plenty.

Earthquakes are common in Japan.

Their parents are older than ours.

I'm going to prepare for the final exams this afternoon.

He was a kind man, as I later discovered.

She is used to sitting.

Your car is fast, but mine is even faster.

There is no such thing as true objectivity. We all perceive the world subjectively, through the prism of our experiences and beliefs.

I have a delivery for her.

Lois still writes to me from time to time.

You're at home.

Amanda was as poor as a church mouse.


My watch has stopped.

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A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

You can't learn a language without making mistakes.

None of the students found the correct answer.

Give me the shovel.

I still don't understand this.

Don't yell at her.

How old is he?


Rudy isn't going to come back here.

Twins are usually premature.

I'm looking for a wallet.

What place do you want to go to?

There is so much pain in the world.

Deborah handed the salt shaker to Troy.

Gail made it easy for me.

May I come aboard?

Tarmi sounded disappointed.

I want to be examined by a doctor because of my stomach ache.

I've given you too many chances.

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Even though I studied English for 6 years in school, I'm not good at speaking it.


It appears the storm has calmed down.

The house is built in European style.

Am I being accused of some kind of crime?

This can lead to a catastrophic failure.

Tell her that I am writing a letter.

I began driving our tractor when I was 12 years old to help my father out at harvest time.

Don't think I don't know where you were last night, and what you were doing.